Call of Duty 4 – Prestige Mode, is it worth it?

call of duty 4 prestige mode cod4
COD4 Prestige Mode

You just hit rank 55 and now you are a Commander with those pretty 5 stars, where do you go from here? Well your not done yet! One of the great things about Call of Duty 4 is that it keeps the excitement coming, ?The Prestige Mode.? Unlike other games in the past when you have reached your limit, what else is there to do?

It is time to hit that Prestige Mode button. Be aware once you do, you are committed to start the process all over again. Yes, everything that you may have accomplished, camouflage for your weapons, that red dot for your M4, challenges in boot camp and elite. Everything starts all over again.

But like I said earlier that is what makes Call of Duty 4, that much fun. You have 10 opportunities to relive the excitement from the beginning all over again, but with the experience you didn?t have at the beginning as a noob. It?s like going back to your childhood with the experiences and knowledge that you have learned on the way into adulthood (well at least for us older gamers).

Do you have the guts to Prestige? Are you ready to start all over again?

Go ahead hit the button and once you hear that gun shot you can not help but get a smile on your face and say to yourself, I am that good!

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  1. Tbro says:

    Jaise94, the gold cross represents that you have gone threw prestige 10 *ing times thus showing u have killed and played more times then anyone showing u have more skill so really it dose. i stopped on 9 prestige cuz im lazy but doesn’t mean i cant beat anyone of y’all

  2. Ur1NOnlyFather says:

    I never bothered with doing it because if I could have,then why not suprise people that I am better than they expect. I didn’t wanna bother because I started working on my gold guns,that also shows how good you are. I have gold sniper and AK47 and working on UZI,only about 100 headshots away. Other than that,love the game,im addicted! ROCK ON!

  3. jacko1402 says:

    i pressed the prestige mode button and i think ican do it

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