Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 to be released on 3/11/2008

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The sequel to Ubisoft's awesome First Person Shooter is slated to be on the shelf March 11, 2008. This is great news for those of us who enjoyed the excellent multiplayer, co-op and single player dimensions of the first iteration of the Vegas Series. This Sequel takes place in the daytime from dawn to dusk, a complete turn-around from the 2006 Award Winner.

The new multiplayer is greatly expanded with all new maps, new weapons, sprinting and bullet penetration through weak materials and new game modes to destroy the competition.

The co-op portion has been improved and allows your friends to drop into games seamlessly at any point in the level, and improved A.I. for the enemies in the vastly improved Terrorist Hunt which held me captivated and frustrated in the first Vegas.

Along with all the improvements to the multiplayer aspects, the A.I. has been improved in all facets of the game and the graphics have been given an overhaul. In addition to all these great new qualities of gameplay, the ranking system has been tweaked as well. The match points will be awarded on the basis of how you fought the match, CQB, Assault, Sniper, ect. and your match points will give you credit towards the weapons in those battle areas. What this means is this, use sub-machine guns all the time and you will open up more options for sub-machine guns, assault rifle use will open up more assualt rifles and sniper rifles will open up sniper gear. This makes the gameply and advancement less linear, and allows you to progress through the game in a different way than any of your friends.

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  1. Looks good at this point, but I do wonder if this is really going to be RB6V 2.0 or just 1.5 with new maps and a few tweaks.

    I guess time will tell.

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