Undertow = XBox Live Arcade Freebie!

Undertow - XBox Live Arcade

Microsoft has Cowboy'd Up for the terrible Service we all encountered over the Holiday Season. They are offering a FREE Arcade game for download to make amends for their intermittent XBox Live Service. The free download is a game called Undertow and is available for FREE download from the Arcade until 11:59 p.m. PST Sunday, January 27.

Gameplay Overview:

Undertow features a 15 level campaign for single-player or co-op and two robust multiplayer modes for up to 16 players. While many of the maps have level-specific goals, the core gameplay of Undertow centers on this maxim: Kill as many enemies as you can ? and stay alive for as long as possible!

Through conquest-style battles, players obtain points by killing enemies, accomplishing team goals, and taking check points. Points and a variety of power-ups can be used to further upgrade unit abilities.

Lastly, if you are addicted to Achievement Points (like me) the achievements in this game are pretty straight forward, so enjoy!

Arnett Out!

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  1. I played for a few minutes after I grabbed it. Seems interesting but it didn’t really keep my attention.

    I plan to go back to it and try again. Anybody try the multiplayer yet?

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