Xbox 360 Warranty Extended to 3 Years For Red Ring Failures

360 new warranty 3 years
Microsoft has extended the warranty on all Xbox 360 consoles.

The new warranty covers new and previously purchased Xbox 360s for three years, for the three flashing red light error only.

So, if you get a red ring of death (a.k.a. RROD, three red lights, circle of doom, etc.) hardware error, you're covered. If you have a DVD Drive fail, GPU overheat, or other problem the extended warranty does NOT cover it. The one year warranty would apply.

However, the RROD has been a large percentage of failures, so this is better than nothing. (I have had 4 console failures with only one of them being a Red Ring issue.)

So, if you have a Red Ring error failure, don't try to fix it, don't open the box. Send it back for free repair.

Here are the full details: Xbox 360 Warranty and Service Enhancements

Here is the new warranty FAQ : Xbox 360 New Warranty FAQ

And finally an open letter from Microsoft's Peter Moore.

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  1. truffle shuffle says:

    you dont nee the receipt for a 3 red lights repair. xbox will collect and repair it free of charge. you need to go to register your console and then request the repair. make sure you are on the international site not the U.S site by clicking the international link at the top left of the screen on the page

  2. maniac boy says:

    it says i have to pay over 100 dollars wen it hasnt been 3 years i got the 3 rings yesterday

  3. would like to send xbox 360 for free repair please – would you send label, cheers

  4. Julie, you need to contact Microsoft.

  5. John says:

    The only issue is that Microsoft no longer sends you a box to return your xbox in. Looks like this service will send you an xbox sized box so you don?t have to go to the post office.

  6. coon says:

    my son got a 360 xbox and played it 3 days and he got in touch with exbox they sent him a free shipping label and told him it would be 2 to 3 weeks until he get it back. He also purchased a 3 months card at game stop so he could play on line i guess that was also a waist of money.

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