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360 controller Gel Tabs tabz

I came across something a while back that really helps my gaming, so I figured I'd get the word out.

Gel Tabz are controller stick covers that make the stick much larger and easier to grip. I have huge hands so these things keep me from slipping and over/under controlling.

They are rubbery almost to the point of being sticky, and have little bumps for better grippage and gription, two major concerns for heavily addicted gamers.

They run about 5 or 6 bucks at your local game shop, I highly recommend trying them out.

Gel Tabz for Xbox 360

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  1. buIIets 4 u says:

    i bought these thingz the other day and they are the greatest thing for gamers since wireless controllers that actually work. be4 when i used to snipe on halo 3 i had problems staying on the ole’ noggin. but not now, im get headshots like the best thanks to these cheap lil rubbery things of joy

  2. mike says:

    yo are they really great cuz i need something since my thumbs are getting f**cked up from late nights on cod5

  3. Todd says:

    I cant find them anywhere I have been looking all over?

  4. Sean webster says:

    Where can i buy these gel tabz loomed everywhere any help will be much appreciated!!!

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