My Xbox 360 Repair Story

xbox 360 freezing repairWell, my console finally bit the bullet. It was a sad day in Maniac-land, my box would freeze every 5 minutes, with odd graphic squares, lines and/or fuzz on the screen. I was sure the GPU finally fried from overheating. Panic resulted in buying a new Core system to hold me over until I got this one handled.

Things went well, and I have a new system from Microsoft, at no charge to me. Since I had a unit that was made in 2005, MS had extended my warranty to the end of this year.

The only work I had to do was spend an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with customer service. Part of that time was my fault, my cell dropped the call. The rest was continually calling back because their "system wasn't responding" and they couldn't generate the repair order.

When the repair order was finally accepted, they even offered free shipping by way of sending me a box with a prepaid label. My 360-addicted self already had the beast boxed and sealed waiting for an address and a stroll to the local UPS store, so I went ahead and paid about 13 bucks to get her back sooner.

I was a bit concerned, kinda like rolling your daughter out of her hospital room to go under the knife, but I insured the package and decided to trust MS for once. (yeah, that was a first.)

I patiently waited, resisting the urge to call customer service with a resounding "Get 'er done, Achmed," and I received a nice (new?) premium unit 2 weeks to the day, from the day I called and shipped it off. I am happy with this baby, it was mfg'd in June (my first one was from Nov 05) and has the new Samsung DVD drive. My living room no longer sounds like I have a Cessna prepping for takeoff.

Interestingly enough, the Core crutch I bought had 4-5 disc read errors (on Gears) and 1 red-ring on a cold initial startup, over this 2 week span. I had planned to fleabay this thing, but I don't want Johnny opening up a brick for Xmas and my rep taking a hit, so I'm going back to Circuit City today.

So, since I was prepared for a major hassle, I am very happy I have a new, working console in a decent time frame. Horror stories -1.

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  1. Lou says:

    Well it’s December 24 and Im getting the gift’s ready under the christmas tree for my kids. I went to play a DVD in my 360 and OMG the 3 red lights appear. I have read so much about this but had always thought “This is never going to happen to me ” Well it did!!! Its now Christmas Day and my kids are opening there gifts and its an awesome christmas day. I have to wait until 9:00 am and I suspect that MS is not open christmas day.

    I will Keep you all posted on my plight the Holiday season…


  2. Mike says:

    They said they wouldn’t repair my xbox for free as my warranty was out, but my xbox was made in nov 2005…. surely i qualify?

  3. Mikie says:

    I’m having similar problems with my Xbox, but will Microsoft still help if I bought it off of eBay?

    Does anyone know of a place where I can ship it to for it to get fixed? Can I ship it to Microsoft?

  4. eli says:

    my xbox did the exact same thing but i bought mine in the begining of the 2006 year and i only had it a lil more than a year and it freezes and wont show anything on the screen,just a red ring around the power button. is there any way i can fix it cuz it sux not haven nothin to play!!!!!

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  6. John says:

    Yea this just happen to a friend of mine i mean it literally happen 5 minutes ago i was talking to him on a instant messaging program just when we were getting exictied for blue dragon…. sucks.

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