GRAW Title Update and Leaderboard Reset

We finally have the long awaited GRAW update with mucho fixes.

The leaderboards are also going to be reset, but the specific date has not been announced.

The major fixes are:

No more glitchin! I don't know if they found/fixed them all, but the most widely known ones don't work no mo.
Ranked matches are random teams only, and host cannot boot players during the match.
Connection issues fixed.
Game searching issues fixed.
Your rank is no longer displayed in player matches.
Southpaw support added.
Five new achievements.

Here is the full list:

Ranked Games Improvements

-Ranked Games will now always use Random Teams to prevent "Stacking"
-Host cannot kick players during the action
-Hosts cannot abort games after 30 seconds
-Scores are not uploaded until after 30 seconds
-Scoring adjusted to limit ?boosting?
-Fixed Leaderboards for Team Battle
-Player ranks are no longer displayed in non-Ranked Game lobbies
-Removed requirement that Ranked rooms must end after each game

Finding Games Improvements

-New Quick Match search options ? All Team, All Solo, All Co-op
-Fixed issue with time limit display of games
-Fixed issue with time elapsed display on games
-Available games will be displayed as they are found, instead of when the search is complete
-Improvements for sorting the best games first and avoiding games that are full
-Improved Matchmaking
-Implemented message to hosts that are ?over hosting? based on their connection
-Improvements for game invites
-Improved multiplayer connectivity
-Improved speed of searching for games

Multiplayer Controller Improvements

-Three new controller options in MP: Southpaw, Legacy, Southpaw Legacy
-Fixed issue where vibration stayed off once set
-Fixed issue with inverting controls affecting all players in splitscreen

Gameplay Improvements

-Fixed ?Dive Glitch? that allowed players to teleport to higher elevations in some maps
-Adjusted Team Elimination scoring so that players lose a point for suicides
-Fixed Blind Siege ?Alternate Insertions? issue
-Fixed Helicopter spawn issues in Team Territory
-Fixed 3-Zone Territory win conditions
-Fixed ?Rock Walls? on Jungle Mines Co-Op Campaign Mission with Drones Off
-Fixed ?Purple Gun? on Coffee Plantation vehicle
-Fixed Weapon Groupings for Chapter 2 weapons
-Fixed exploit that allowed players to carry a sniper rifle and GL with certain Kit Restrictions
-Added messaging for players that destroy vehicles
-Fixed issue with Custom Kit Restrictions being replaced with server?s
-Minor fixes to several gametypes


-Fix for ?Master of Ceremonies? achievement
-Five new MP Achievements (shown on Gamercards)

Maybe this will give this game a needed shot in the arm. With Splinter Cell just out, and Rainbow Six on the horizon, it may be bit too late.


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