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Well, I've finally been able to kick the GRAW habit by replacing it with a new one. If you're too lazy to read this entire post, just let me say right up front CH is da shiznit.

This game has received terrible reviews, and I wasn't interested in it at all. Then I read some threads at Geezer Gamers (yes I'm an old fart by gaming standards), that were discussing building and tweaking hounds. I love to build stuff, and better yet I love to blow stuff up (yes in real life, both counts, but that's for another blog) so that got my attention.

Before you run out and grab your copy, there is one main thing to consider, and that is this game takes time to get into. If you are simply looking for something to pick up, play and have a blast from the git-go, you'll likely be disappointed.

To get started, you'll probably want to play the single player missions, which are basically a tutorial for the online play. As you progress through the tutorial, you are awarded parts for building your own hound. If you play games at 4-6 hours per sitting like I do, you should blast through most of the single player in a couple sessions.

The meat of the game, really the only aspect to consider, is the online play. You have to create or join a squad to compete in the war. It is basically a built-in clan system and it works great. Just find someone on your friends list that is playing and hook up with them.

There are six different role types that have different jobs.

Scout - grabs combas towers for comms, spies on the enemy, possibly a base killer if base is left undefended
Heavy Gunner - artillery
Defender - Typcially big cannons, rockets, etc. mainly will defend your base or your squadmates.
Sniper - self explanatory
Commander - has a special "NA Maker" part that shows the enemy positions on their map, they then communicate the info and possibly direct the squad.
Soldier - all around fighter, close range weapons, takes enemies on face to face. (this one usually dies first)

You can build your mech in limitless ways and combos so that you can have a versatile machine suited for more than one role. You can run a heavy soldier with big guns, or a defender with a couple of sniper cannons, maybe a commander running artillery, etc.

chromehounds build

A lot of the fun in this game is experimenting with different parts, builds and roles to figure out how you best deal out death.

For example, you can have quad legs, bi-ped legs, inverse joint legs, tank treads, wheeled chassis, or even hover chassis. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and there are many variations of each type.

Some different weapons include:
Assault Rifles
Straight rockets
Rocket Pods with 6 rockets
Heat Seeker Missles
Artillery and mortars
Heavy Cannons
Incendiary Rounds (FUN!!)
Sniper Rifles and Cannons
Grenade Launchers
Machine Guns
And the list goes on and on. Each weapon type has many different configs of weight, rounds, reload time, durability, damage penetration, etc.

Add these to the long list of various cockpits, generators, and hordes of assist parts, and you can be lost in building that war-winning frankenmech for days.

As you figure out the mechanics and best techniques for building, you will be working with your squadmates and learning team skills and strategy. There is no flying solo here, as the team that works together kills together.

There are 80-something maps on this game. Yep, that many. They aren't that gorgeously detailed as most graphics expense went into the mechs. However, I'd rather have 80 unique places to fight that were average instead of 10 awesome maps. (That got old on GRAW quick. And yes I got the DLC, but that was too little, too late IMO.) There are mountainous maps, snow-covered areas, night maps, wide open fields, fog, rain, and even sand or snow storms where you must use thermal vision to see 10 meters in front of you. There is a ton of variety, and though I've logged close to 200 hours in this game, I seem to be playing a new map almost every day.

If you like Siege on GRAW, you'll probably love this game. This game takes more time and planning as it requires more strategy and loadout prep. When your squad of different Role Types follows the plan, and everyone sticks to their role, this game is a total blast and the time investment is worth it. Planning an ambush, charging an enemy squad, working a single enemy from 4 different directions, switching up tactics between games, the list goes on - there is nothing else like this on the 360.

If you're a fan of fast FPS games and you want straight up deathmatch with no waiting, this may not be the game for you. But, if you like to think and mastermind the obliteration of your enemy before rapid-fire button-mashing, check this game out. Just have many hours to spare, as you'll likely get hooked.

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  1. I agree, Chromehounds is a great game. It does have minor flaws, but they’re constant enough to be a little distracting.

    I rented the game on launch, and kept it for a few weeks. In the end, I took it back when my main group of buddies had to return their rentals. It’s definitely a game that is only fun when playing on live, preferably with friends.

    I plan on purchasing the game when I find myself with some extra cash, which probably won’t be anytime soon unfortunately.

    Also, for those who are looking for a mech game that is more fast paced, they should look into Armored Core 4. The Armored Core series is developed by the same company, but has a much different gameplay philosophy.

  2. Newman says:

    This game is amazing. Even if you dont have live yet you will have a plast playing this game in single player.

    If you want a more fast pace game I suggest Mech Assult its a little less creative (Mech wise) but you will get a fast action shooter.

  3. Johny Normus says:

    chromehounds is an amazing game. it was nerfed with a patch from FROM but supposebly will be fixed April 3rd. One of the best squad based strategy games ever put on a console in my opinion

  4. Dennis Houser says:

    IMO, still one of the best games on the 360. AND, this post is after the Halo 3 release! I still play it everyday. You can’t beat the squad tactics and strategy on the fly. I’ve got 500 hours into the online play and I still see crazy different designs on opposing hounds!

  5. Hound says:

    Chromehounds isnt the best game to just start blasting people from the start as he said, but on Xbox live the game has a shop feature. As log in, etc. you get some money to start, and with this you could buy enough parts to make a decent enough hound to take online. Trust me though, you have to be careful on what you buy, you might not like what you get and your bankroll can only take so many mistakes.

    In the end though, playing to campaign all the way through is the best way to get what you need, though buy playing it you will not get all the parts you COULD buy in the xbl shop

  6. zinnblack1 says:

    yes a very interactive game cant bet the sqaud set up and the creativity of the game is off the charts hopefully if a good number of pepole cry out loud enogh theyll give us a gift of crome hounds 2 (panzer squad)

  7. zinnblack1 says:

    yes a very interactive game cant bet the sqaud set up and the creativity of the game is off the charts hopefully if a good number of pepole cry out loud enogh theyll give us a gift of crome hounds 2 (panzer squad)

  8. Colonelpeepants says:

    Im am a player of the game and you are setting a very good standard to get some new blood and steel

  9. Justin Reynolds says:

    This game s amazing. i picked it up at gamestop for $10! around 8 months ago. since then i have played almost 500 hours. the online is amazing and the campaign is some decently easy achievements. PLZ make a chromehounds 2!!!

  10. zinnblack1 says:

    well there still isnt a chrome hounds 2 i fear that it will never happen [dogs of liberty]

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