GRAW DLC Officially Announced

Ubi (finally) officially announced the new DLC for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

This is all due out by end of this month (June).

The announcement is not very clear, but it looks like for sure we will get:

4 New Maps:

* Coffee Plantation (Evening)
* Shipping Port (Sunset)
* River Depot (Day)
* Jungle Mines (Evening)

Here is a shot of the Jungle Mine map:
jungle mine co-op map graw

The River Depot at Dawn:
river depot DLC new map graw

Shipping Port:
river depot DLC new map graw

And 4 Maps we already have with new lighting:

* Fishing Village (Dusk)
* Wharf (Late day)

* Old Town (Morning)
* Nowhere (Evening)

Here is a shot of Nowhere at night:
nowhere map at night time graw

Fishing Village at Dusk:
fishing village dusk DLC graw new map

Wharf during Late Day:
wharf late day DLC graw new map

All new Chapter missions on the 4 new maps for the campaign:

* Coffee Plantation
* Shipping Port
* River Depot
* Jungle Mines

2 New Game types:

* Team Blind Siege
* Team Battle

2 New Camos:

* Canadian CADPAT
* British DPM

4 New Character Faces

5 New Weapons:

* SR-25 SD (Marksman)

* M468 (Rifleman)

* M468/M320 (Grenadier)

* AK-47 LMG (Gunner)

* SCAR-H SV (Rifleman)

They are calling this "Premium Content" which means there will be a price.

They list the maps as "8 Revisited; Relit MP Adversarial Maps: 8 of GRAW?s favorite MP maps are revisited and relit for a new gameplay experience."

But then they list the maps as:
* Fishing Village (Dusk)
* Wharf (Late day)
* Old Town (Morning)
* Nowhere (Evening)
* Coffee Plantation (Evening)
* Shipping Port (Sunset)
* River Depot (Day)
* Jungle Mines (Evening)

Which is 4 revisited maps and 4 new ones. I don't know if there are 4 more old maps with new lighting or whoever wrote this press release didn't know exactly what they were writing about.

I'm glad we finally have an official announcement, but I am pretty disappointed that we will only be getting 4 new MP maps. The much awaited silenced sniper will add a new element to the game, and new camos and faces are a nice touch, but this doesn't make up for the lack of new maps.

Blind Siege will be great, and I have no idea what Team Battle is. Maybe this will help breathe some new life into this puppy.

No news or announcements were made for a patch or any fix to the game for lagouts, hosting or southpaw issues. No mention of a leaderboard reset either.

Maybe they'll keep the price at 5 bucks so it will be more palatable.

Well, at least this will be fun for sure, and it is better than nothing.

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