Microsoft Wireless Headset for 360

xbox 360 wireless headset

Well this is one accessory I'm really looking forward to, a totally wireless headset.

This thing should be available by the holidays this year. Too bad it can't be sooner, I've really been looking forward to a totally wireless Live experience.

The unit has internal rechargeable batts, and comes with an AC adapter for recharging. Volume and mute are on the side.

No adapter on the controller is needed, it communicates directly to your 360 wirelessly. I like the concept, but I'm not sure I want the controls on my ear. I have grown accustomed to having mute and volume at my fingertips on the controller, which doesn't hinder gameplay. If I have to release the controller to change volume or mute, this might be a bit inconvenient.

Still, this is a good move in the right direction.

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  1. Kyle says:

    This is probly one of the best things that Microsoft has put out so far. I just hope that this will be has good or better than the Logitech Wirelss Headset that they made for the xbox + with the voulme ad mute controls on the ear is a lot better than haveing them on your conrol…well at least thats what I think.

  2. buIIets 4 u says:

    i got one of these and i will never ever ever buy another wired headset. this thing feels like it isnt even there. and not to mention ur voice output on its mic is loud and clear as crystal instead of real low and staticy. the only con is that sometimes (once in a blue moon) when u turn on it wont connect to ur xbox in which u have to turn off ur headseat and turn back on. sometimes u even have to turn off ur xbox and the headset to get them to connect. but this rarely happens and should’nt hold any major gamer with an xtra 50$ to go get it!

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