New GRAW Weapon Stats Spreadsheet

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Stats
Ick has updated his GRAW weapons spreadsheet, it now has completed accuracy numbers for Rifleman and Grenadier weapons.

Note, these stats are for using the proper class for each weapon:

"I finished testing the rifleman weapons on single shot, burst and full auto.

I started testing the grenadier weapons AS A GRENADIER. The accuracies of the weapons are much worse. For example,

* At 11 meters a M468SD in a rifleman's hands has a decent spread on full auto.
* At 11 meters a M468SD/M320 (w/ grenade launcher) in the hands of a grenadier has about double the spread on full auto. Of course you get a grenade launcher with that..but that is another issue.
* But here is the thing, that same M468SD/M320 used by a RIFLEMAN has an absolutely HORRID spread on full auto."

Check out the full Weapons PDF by Ick

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  1. GoingNocturnal says:

    now if i culd just download it
    any chance you culd send it to my email?

  2. It is an adobe pdf, do you have adobe acrobat installed?

    Try right-click and select “save as.”

  3. Chainsaw Mugwi says:

    How would u rate the XM8 Carbine on single shot

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