360 Maniac’s Home Theater Setup

I finally took a couple of shots of my gaming area today.

This is running on an InFocus DLP (entry-level) projector, 95.5" hand built screen, ScanSpeak kit speakers with handbuilt outboard crossovers, Adire Audio Rava 12" powered sub all driven by a Nakamichi AV-8 receiver (not pictured).

Here's the bigscreen:
360 Maniac's Home Theater Big Screen Gaming

A shot of the left channel and sub sans grills:       A quick look at one rear:
360 Maniac's Home Theater Speakers
360 Maniac's Home Theater Speakers

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  1. gaming-360 says:

    How did you frame the screen like that? Something like that would put the finishing touch on my setup!

  2. I am a perfectionist at heart, so a lot went into that screen. I will go ahead and detail the full build.

    It is framed by 1x3s, with L brackets in the corners. Two center vertical ribs for support and stability.

    Then a full sheet of luann plywood, with the long end hacked around 11″ or so off to make it exactly 16:9, was nailed to the frame with finish nails.

    The screen material is Parkland Plastics, which is just a sheet of flimsy wall surface commonly used as shower walls. One side is grainy and serves well for the screen surface.

    I used a quart of 3M adhesive (had quite a bit left over) with a trowel and spread an even coat. I then applied the screen material and rolled it out with a rolling pin.

    After the screen was set up, I then took regular window molding and 45’d the corners. Painted them flat black and made some shims out of the left over luann so the molding would be flush. (The screen material didn’t go edge-to-edge on the frame, I wanted as much available screen real estate as possible.) The molding was then attached with finishing nails, and then all the nail heads were touched up.

    I then used some heavy duty eyelets for the backside of the frame, and some heavy cabling. I think the cable was rated for 150 lbs, this thing is pretty heavy.

    My stone fireplace already had two metal anchors with screws, so I hung it like a picture.

    It took several hours to do it all exactly right, and it is square to 1/32 of an inch.

    Total build cost was about $120 or so.

  3. JP says:


  4. RAW CLIPZ says:


  5. Strunk says:

    No wonder you put so many holes in my head!! I won’t even go into the driving you did in Forza. SHEESH!

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