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ghost recon advanced warfighter tactical info
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Two words - GET IT.

I finished the single player campaign a couple days ago, and jumped into some Xbox Live multiplayer action last night. This was the most gaming fun I've had since the 360's launch.

Sneaking around, working with teammates, dropping to a knee to take cover and peering around before squeezing off a few rounds into, ummm, those guys outlined in the other color, just makes me glad. In a militant sort of way. The whole experience makes clearing the map of bad guys (you know, just cuz they're on the wrong team) a total blast.

The first map I played was Desert Gulch. I stopped in a bottleneck area with a couple of teammates and waited for a few seconds. My ADD got the best of me and I took off looking for an aggressive kill. One, two, and then three guys down. Beginner's luck maybe, but I kept taking the enemy down with ease.

As I was clearing areas I wandered around a corner to see two enemies standing beside each other looking around at about 30 meters away. About the time they spotted me and started firing, I had just launched a grenade from my MR-C/AGL rifle. Boom! Direct hit and both guys on the ground. Joyful glee ensued! This is the game I've been waiting for.

Unfortunately, there are some Xbox Live connection problems with this game, causing some frustration. Sometimes during a game, the connection is just lost and you're dropped out and forced to find another match. However, sometimes you'll find a solid host and a set of guys who stay connected and you can liberate the enemy as long as the host allows.

I decided to research the online problem and came across a post by a guy named Ick. It turns out he's old school Ghost Recon (yeah baby), and has a site dedicated to GR tactics and info. I've been a GR fan since the first title as well, so this guy's stuff is a treasure! I stayed up til 3:30 am reading as much as I could. (Thanks Ick, I got squat done today.)

Here is the site - ick!. To get an idea of the research and info here, just take a quick look at the Weapons PDF.

Here is a quick screen cap of a small portion of it:
GRAW weapons chart

If you're new to this game or series, I highly recommend the New Players Advice section.

The Improving Your Game PDF is a must read for those wanting to excel at this game. Actually I think the first section of this article, the General Game Tips, should be required reading and mandatory agreement for anyone wanting to jump into Xbox Live online play. Though you may need to have the real life achievement of puberty to understand and follow Ick's suggestions, they are great guidelines for a much improved LIVE experience.

So, to sum up this post, if you have any interest in a tactical shooter for online multiplayer, get this game. Then check out Ick's website to find some warfighting wisdom.

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