Burnout Revenge Reviews

Burnout gets the Next-Gen treatment with Burnout Revenge, here is a current meta review roundup.

1UP - 9.0 Outstanding
People who have played the current-gen version should get the 360 version if:
- They didn't play it to completion, but wanted to.
- They played it to completion, but love Burnout a lot.
- They have a nice HDTV and stereo system.
- They are addicted to achievement points and playing on Live.
People who haven't played the current-gen version should get the 360 version if:
- They are breathing.

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GamePro - 4.5/5
Overall, the single player elements of Burnout: Revenge on the Xbox 360 aren't all that ground-breaking. The spruced up visuals add a nice amount of appeal to the crash and bash content that we've all come to love. The soundtrack, while still a bunch of craptacular rock and other detritus, is at least secondary thanks to the Xbox 360's support of custom soundtracks. The real fun comes in the multiplayer content and the enhanced Rival support. If you're a die-hard fan looking for some deeper online gameplay, Burnout: Revenge on the Xbox 360 should fit the bill nicely.
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Team Xbox - 9/10
Burnout Revenge is just about everything you expected from a next-generation SKU of this famed franchise. The gameplay is as solid as its predecessors, the online support is some of the best out there, and the graphics and audio rival most other Xbox 360 titles. The bottom line here is if you love the Burnout series, it?s hard to imagine you not liking this game, super-mega HDTV and surround system or not.
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IGN - 8.9 Great
Burnout Revenge is a game ahead of its time and, as such, belongs here in the next generation. EA loses a few points because this title was released last year on current-gen consoles and doesn't add much in the innovation category. But Burnout Revenge proves you can successfully take a current-gen game and port it into a great next-generation experience. This is, of course, something we don't want to see made into a trend, and it's still difficult to recommend a purchase to anyone that already owns the current-gen title. But for everyone else, Burnout Revenge is the first white-knuckle racer on the 360. Solid single-player mode and excellent online and multiplayer modes will keep you coming back for a long while.
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GameSpot - 8.8 Great
While Burnout Revenge might not have enough new stuff in it to drag you back in if you've been playing it on other platforms, this is definitely the version to get if you're shopping around. It delivers solid, fast action, both online and off, and is easily the fastest, most exciting racing game available on the Xbox 360.
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