Repair Xbox 360 – 3 Red Lights

3 red lights flashing - xbox 360

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Xbox 360 Three Red Light Repair

James at joystiq fixed his own 360 that was flashing three red lights, which indicates an internal error.

If you have this problem try this simple fix:

1) Remove your hard drive and/or memory units.
2) Run "Initial Setup" under the system blade.
3) Decline inserting HDD or memory unit when prompted.
4) Sync your controller and pop in a game.

*** UPDATE *** Microsoft has a new free warranty of 3 years for the 3 red light error. If you have this problem, you can send your console in for free repair. Or, if you don't want to pay shipping and have to wait 2-3 weeks, you can attempt to fix it yourself.

More details here:

NEW! Instructional videos to repair your 360 yourself in less than an hour, guaranteed: Xbox 360 Three Red Light Repair


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  1. ismae; says:

    this not work

  2. john doe says:

    what if you opened it up to try to fix it? called them a month ago and said they can’t fix it wanted 140 bucks so i opened it up. they could have told me this will come out this is bs!!! going to file better business beauru complaint

  3. kurt says:

    does this also work for the core system?

  4. Monoxide Child says:

    Just heard on the radio Microsoft are now refunding everyone who have paid to get their xbox 360 fixed, and are offering free shipping and repair to all faulty xbox 360’s now as they have put $1 Billion aside to cover expenses.

    My xbox 360 broke down yesterday, showed the three red lights but my power supply was still green. Removed the hard drive and memory card, replace the hard drive and it works fine at the moment. will update if it happens again, if so i’ll send it into microsoft

  5. Sean says:

    I made a bad move…i bought mine on Ebay from a “power seller” with “100% feedback”.I got my 360(premium console) just 2 days after buying it. i took it out of the box plugged it in and played 1 inning of MLB 2K7 and the damn thing freezes. I turn it off and on imediatly to find the Godless 3 red lights. I have been trying to contact the Ebay seller just sent my 10th email and got off the phone with no answer for the 3rd time. I’m reluctant to call Microsoft and yell at them and end up paying the 130.00 repair after i spent 340.00 on the console. Am I the only one that believes Microsoft needs to be punished for trying to play the market and selling the next generation console without fulling understanding the consequense of incomplete console? It’s like buying a new car and having the wheels fall off as you leave the dealership!

  6. Jeff johnson says:


    I’ve only just heard about this from a mate in my technology class but i’ve never had this problem but if you ever have four lights flashing thats when you have just experienced a power surge so don’t worry.
    But i’m still going to be watching my

  7. Jeff johnson says:

    *Xbox very carefully.


  8. In case you haven’t heard, the warranty for all Xbox 360 consoles has been extended to three years, for red ring of light malfunctions.

    Here are the full details:
    New Xbox 360 Warranty

    Since this new warranty changes the nature of this post and comments (if you get the RROD, send your console in for FREE repair) I am closing the comments down.

    Feel free to continue the discussion on the new post here:
    New Xbox 360 Extended Warranty Discussion

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