Homemade Racing Chair Setup

arcade racing chair - make it yourself
Here's a cool rig for all us PGR3, Need for Speed and Ridge Racer fans, a fixed seat with steering wheel and pedal mounts - Awesome!

Any manic should love to have one of these babies. To make one, you'll need some handiwork skills and ability to design. It shouldn't take much though, and quite the result.

If you create one of these, let me know...

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I just posted some photos oh my homemade wheel racing mount setup here.

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  1. Online Gamer says:

    I just got a steering wheel and pedals but need a mount for it to go on, that one looks real nice so I am gonna take a look at one now and find out how much it is.

    If it is expensive I will just do what you have done and build one.

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