Best Buy to Receive Another Xbox 360 Shipment This Week

best buy xbox 360 shipment document Here is another Best Buy insider leaked document. This one is dated today, December 20th shows they'll be getting more 360s in this week.

The stores are instructed to secure the shipment and sell the product the next day. They will print vouchers and give them to you when you walk in the store, if you tell them you're looking for a 360.

No numbers are yet known for this shipment.

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  1. riles says:

    best buys will be selling 360 tomorrow jan. 3rd across the country. all stores should have at least 5 prem. or as many as 35.

  2. tbone says:

    um…qprecise it wasnt really inside info you gave for the 360 being at walmart…it was in there nationally published flyer right on the front in a big effin photo and writing

  3. Testa da Prugna says:

    I can’t believe I got one! Best Buy was rumored to have a shipment coming in today, but I was too lazy to drag myself out of bed at 5am only to find a line of 70 waiting for 20 360s. I met the wife after work and headed to Best Buy for a different purchase. When I walked into Best Buy at 4pm, there they were. I wasn’t the only one with a stunned look on my face. For those who haven’t been able to get their hands on a 360, keep the faith!

  4. Paparo says:

    I scored one. Came home from school and my dad tricked me saying he couldnt get himself out of bed Wensday. He hid it and had find it. Without me knowing I was looking for it.

    He got to the store an hour before it opend to see 10 poeple in line. 8 of which were for 360s. 2 for Ipods.

    So its getting easyier everyone.

    Want some help? This got me mine. Type in your zip code.

  5. THE GUY says:

    does anyone know if theres any shipment this week….thanks payce

  6. THE GUY says:

    should i send my 360 to MS or get a refund and go look for it somewhere else

  7. Yo I Got My Xbox 360 it yesterday at best buy in westwood,ca they had 1 left

  8. adam says:

    yeah i got one on that day. it was on that thursday.

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