Xbox 360 Availability Rumors

samsclub logo There are other rumors flying around this week about 360s being available at Sam's club and Circuit City.

Sam's club dates have ranged from Dec 12 to the 15 and as late as the 17th or 18th. You may want to call your local Samsclub to see if you can get shipment details. If not, just show up every day at opening to find out. (Various sources online - mostly forums.)

circuit city logo Also rumored for new stock is Circuit City this week:

"According to several tipsters, Circuit City has just received a new shipment of Xbox 360s which are available to be specially ordered on a first come, first served basis. Here?s the catch: the warehouses that service several states each are only getting about 170 units per distributor, so don?t expect your local store to receive more than 2 or 3 boxes."

It looks like the next two weeks may be the time to score a 360. Be dilligent and I hope you shall find one.


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  1. adarsh salian says:

    was up
    i got a 360
    it the best

  2. Qprecise says:

    hmm xbox !! yea.. yo people are going to be fighting at best buy in riverhead NY store 809 they are only getting 24 !!!!! people shall get trampled!!

  3. KingAries says:

    Target will have 17 max Xbox 360s each morning on the week of December 18th. You should be there at 8 a.m. and check in the afternoon between 1 and 3. I did this on Monday the 19th and it is definately true according to inside sources! Best Buy will also have 20 max per store this week before Christmas, around Thursday, and if you like Gamestop or EB…You will have to wait until January gauranteed! ~ Good luck finding one and happy holidays

  4. hr says:

    Why between 1 and 3? I have been going every morning when they open here in Texas.. We get nothing. :(

  5. Anonymous says:

    IVE checked every where they say next shipment is after christmas

  6. KingAries says:

    That’s why the Midwest is the Best!
    Sucks for the Rest…Sorry and Good Luck.

  7. scott stevens says:

    Circuit city by me reicieved units today but instead of entering them into inventory the manager saved them on tickets for employees to buy beofre consumers had a chance. I think we should call.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Circuit City by me also received multiple units but sold them all to employee’s before they opened the store. The store number was #0894. I think people should definitely call about this and call often.


    thatsn i never trust store like that pc reccards whatever you call it.and wall mart store (*&(^ all get everything because microsoft signd a deal with bestbuy get 360s first then most stores.

  10. Bill Mulvy says:

    Just got a premium 360 at Circuit City on 12/24. They had 7. They had given out tickets, but 2 people did not come for a 360. So I got one without a ticket, having arrived at 8:01 AM.

    Best Buy nearby, sold 31 units on 12/23.

    You have to go when the stores open up. They’re gone within 5 minutes.

    Check daily.

    I thank this site for that info.

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