Wal Mart Allocation Numbers – Xbox 360 Console

walmart logo A WalMart employee gives us a peek into the "WalMart Wire" info for 360 shipments for this month.

These are harder to snag due to shipping arrivals during the day. However, the numbers look pretty promising, especially for next week:

WM Week 45(week of Dec.3)
9500 Units
Avg:3 units per store

Week 46(week of Dec 10)
27000 Units
Avg:9 per store

Week 47(week of Dec 17)
35000 units
Avg:11 per store

Week 48(week of Dec 24)(Tuesday after Xmas most likely)
24000 Units
Avg:8 per store

Maybe it's time to find a new friend at the local Wal Mart electronics department?


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  1. Mezmorized says:

    i so want my 360
    does anyone know if they will have more this week 27th?

  2. Cooooo says:

    I heard a RUMOR that there holding them until New Years

  3. FROSTYROCK7C says:

    I heard the same thing. Though it doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ll stop by on my way home and beat some heads and fill you guys in.

  4. giantism says:

    i got mine today

  5. FROSTYROCK7C says:

    From Wal-Mart?

  6. Cooooo says:

    Yeah if any of you guys are able to get one post here and where you got it Thanks in advance

  7. finallygotit says:

    every walmart that put it in their add got them at midnight in new york

  8. GamerGuy says:

    hey guys does n e 1 know when the shipments will be coming in to canada because all i see on the internet is a bunch of stuff about the U.S i want them in canada well give me a response thanks

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