Xbox 360 vs PS3

xbox 360 versus playstation 3

The Register has an interesting article about the 360 vs. the PS3. They say it boils down to disk media each console uses. The 360 uses DVD, while the PS3 is reportedly going to support Blu-Ray.

An interesting read, but I disagree about the disk format being the deciding factor. I think whichever console hits the mass consumer installed base first will win. That's what happend with PS2, when the original Xbox was late to the party.

Microsoft went with DVD, because HD-DVD just isn't ready for retail yet. They decided to get the product out now, with the current gen disk media, to be first to market with the next generation of gaming.

I think it's been a great move and I expect it to pay off. Sony has yet to announce a PS3 launch date, and Blu-Ray is probably going to be expensive, at least at first.

It's still early to tell, but my money (of course I could be biased) is on the Xbox 360.
PS3 or Xbox 360 - which would you prefer?

Xbox 360 vs PS3 - The Register

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    what kind off control is that that sony has.are they freaking crazy.there system looks like a bbq party thing lol.

  2. Blu-ray isn’t even relevant!!! 1% of all tv and movie goers even care about high definition movies in the first place. Microsoft is alot smarter, thats why their pockets are so much deeper. I have an hdtv and I don’t even care about hd-dvd or blu-ray. Hd-DVD will be the format of choice anyway, it’s cheaper and you can fit 45 gb of data on them compared to the more expensive blu-ray with 50 gb of storage. Go Microsoft, cheaper games just as good graphics, better bang for your buck. Heck I could get a 360 and a Wii for the price of the ps3. I have a 360 and also purchesed 4 games at launch and it was around the ps3’s price LOL!

  3. jodi boy 3 says:

    xbox 360 is 1000000000to the 10000000 power times better than ps3

  4. Ryan says:

    the xbox 360 is alot better than the ps3 as i have both consoles.

  5. kris says:

    hi ryan is lieing im sitting right beside him and i have a 360

  6. Jeremy Miles says:

    I have both Ps3 and Xbox 360, I think Ps3 is a little bit better because it has a little bit better graghics and more memory and it plays Blu-ray.

  7. Jim says:

    Ps3 sucks

  8. travis says:

    i say a tie because ps3 has blu ray and xbox360 hasxbox360 live which is really cool so id say a tie . i say a batille between haze and halo 3

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