Xbox 360 Scratched Disks

xbox 360 scratched disks

Ok, the 360 disks are only scratched when you move the console from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal.

Check out the video of exactly how this happens.

If you're an industrious kinda guy (or chick), and don't mind working on the innards of your 360, the guys over at have a tutorial to put some rubber pads on the drive housing to keep your disks from earning ground plastic rings.

Or, you can just not move the 360 while a disk is inside it. I know, that's a tough choice, being touchy-feely and ADD type of people, but we can do it! Must... not... touch... arrgghhhhh!!!

Refurbishing The Xbox 360 HL drive to prevent disc scratching

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  1. Shawn Conner says:

    The 360 will scratch game discs even if u don’t move the console!!!! I have experinced this myself! The console scratched my copy of Fable 2 so bad that it is now unreadable to every 360 I’ve tried it on!!! So don’t belive Microsofts lies!!!!!

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