Xbox 360 Scams on eBay

xbox 360 ebay scams There's a great article warning Bidders to Beware on Xbox 360 auctions at Newsfactor Magazine.

Ebay sellers have tricked buyers into bidding on Xbox 360 boxes instead of the console. You know the cardboard that it came in. One of these listings read:
"This is the Xbox 360 Core bundle box. It would include things like a new xbox, power cords, and a controller, if there was actually an xbox for sale in this auction."

One seller, after being suspended by ebay, says he doesn't understand:
"I Cannot be more clear! This is not even a factory made xbox 360 box. I made it myself, just a few minutes ago," read one of the disclosures in the listing, surrounded by pictures and descriptions of the actual console. "It does not contain an Xbox 360 console, just the Xbox 360 home-made box."

Another auction using the phrase "does not" is also quite misleading and is easily misread:
"Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium Edition!! Package for sale does not include: * Xbox 360 Console * Xbox 360 Hard Drive * Xbox 360 Wireless Controller * Xbox 360 Universal Media ...."

One auction was simply selling pictures of the console:
"Why not remember this craze with a picture?" the listing said. "Up for auction is a computer printed photograph of the brand-new Microsoft Xbox 360."

This stuff is just crazy. If you are bidding at ebay for a 360, be sure to read the entire auction and only buy from reputable sellers. (Sellers that have a solid positive history of feedback.)

Better yet, don't buy the console from ebay and wait for reasonable retail prices. They are coming soon!


Via Planet Xbox 360

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