Best Buy to Have Xbox 360 Console Dec 18

best buy to have consoles dec. 18 US
A (supposedly) leaked insider document from Best Buy shows they are stockpiling 360 consoles to go on sale on December 18th.

A scanned copy of this document is linked below, and it is not verified, but does seem legit.

Here's the juice:
"Hold All Xbox 360s for Dec. 18 Ad
The next Xbox 360 shipment arrives in stores between Dec. 11 and 16. All units need to be held for Sun., Dec. 18."

Best Buy stores are also told not to take pre-orders, force bundle purchases, create waiting lists or hold the product for customers or employees.

They are also instructed to not hold a midnight or early opening.

There you have it! Those of you who haven't yet snagged a 360, here's your chance. Be at Best Buy early for their store opening on Dec. 18.

Best Buy console allocations for Dec. 18th

Target Ships More Xbox 360s in December

WalMart Allocation Numbers - Xbox 360 Console

Other Availability Rumors - Samsclub and Circuit City

Update 2:
Best Buy to Get Another Shipment This Week

See the document for yourself

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  1. n says:

    anymore coming out for tommorow morning

  2. GGGG Holla! says:

    Hey does anyone know if thier going to be Xbox 360 in stcok tomorrow after chrsitmas sale in Santa rosa, Ca. Holla back if anyone know anything regarding the avability.

  3. Tallynoles says:

    Does anyone know if any xbox 360’s will be shipped in the Tallahassee Florida area before the new year?


    I am overjoyed to see that my advice is working so well for you guys. proof positive that relentlesess pays off in teh end. It is apparent now that Microsoft is trying to meet that goal of three million before the new year (however futile that might be) so keep hunting. call daily to these stores and speak with managers (shipping managers prefferable) i have a feeling you will all get yours within the next week. keep in mind key ship dates like Mondays and Tuesdays. over the course of the past week i have called Sam’s several times with luck once. the craze is dieing down and the hardcore people for the most part already got theirs. the Christmas buzz is over. some have moved on, so if you want one, now is the time. let me know hwo you all do. and if any of you are from CT, this is Bristol shouting out.

  5. Mario says:

    OH!! YEAH!! I got mine last week, you see us hardcorders are crazy and will pay 450 on ebay for a core….

  6. Yuhuda says:

    Ok i got mine and you wont be seeing me on here until xbox 720.

  7. LUKE says:

    Hey guys i just called the local circuit city today and they said they will have them friday oh amn i’m getting mine

  8. Tyler Durden says:

    Best Buys in Las Vegas

  9. me says:

    i just got one, there wer 7 in best buy when i walked in…woohoo

    good luck suckers!

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