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condemed criminal origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the top launch games for the 360. This screamtastic title has become very popular with the horror crowd.

Here is a review roundup for Condemned:

Team Xbox -8.2
It?s great to see a first-person melee title like this available at launch and it is definitely an experience worth checking out, but the game?s overly linear progression may leave the majority of gamers finding reasons to press on after a few hours. At several points it seems as though things may pick up, but unfortunately they do not. Frustratingly, this leaves us wondering why the developers didn?t push things in a more dynamic direction. However what they have put together is a great first shot at the Xbox 360 and easily a blue print from which future titles in the genre will build upon. If you are looking for a good scare, turn the lights out, crank up the surround sound and grab yourself a copy of Condemned. That is if you have the nerve.

GameSpy - 4.5/5
While it borrows elements from both traditional first-person shooters and survival horror games, Condemned: Criminal Origins manages to offer players a unique experience. The combat is unflinchingly brutal, the atmosphere is as disturbing as any we've seen, and you'll find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Like a good horror movie, there are plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat scares, but the game is just as effective when you're imagining what could happen. Review

Xbox Addict - 4.4/5
In my opinion Condemned is one of the better launch titles on the list, not without a few minor flaws, but they are so minor I don?t even feel they are worth mentioning because they are based on preference rather than being deterrents to the overall experience of the game. So make sure you got fresh batteries in your flashlight and settle in for an intense, exciting, experience that is sure to have you slowing down your pace a bit to make sure the boogie man isn?t around the next corner. Review

Xbox Evolved - 8.5
I advise you to pick up Condemned and give it a go. If you find it too scary, let your friend play it. Condemned helps round out a solid Xbox 360 launch as it is contains all the qualities of a ?AAA? game but doesn?t offer enough replay. They could add in more weapons to use, a jump button to help out your attacks and even diversify the enemies you encounter. Overall though, Condemned is worthy of your $60 and is a definite pick up. Review

Next Level Gaming - 84
This game is a great break from the standard FPS, combining gadgets, thinking, searching and good old fashioned combat. This is a great game. I would recommend it for anyone who is a fan of suspense games, books or movies. If you don?t want to be hanging on the edge of your seat then this is definitely not a title for you. You will probably not be beating this game in a day or two, so I would recommend a buy (plus its just a great game). Review

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