Need for Speed Most Wanted – Reviews Roundup

I'm a maniac for racing games, and the Need for Speed series has always satisified.

That doesn't stop with the latest game - Need for Speed Most Wanted. Don't just take my word for it, here is a solid review roundup. Then take her for a spin and see for yourself.

Xbox Addict - 94%
The car list, physics engine, story mode, and Live play are my major reasons for recommending this game to any readers out there that either A) like the previous versions of EA?s underground series or B) miss games like Burnout and don?t like games like Project Gotham; if you fit into one of these two categories this game is a must own for you, no questions asked. The graphics, sound effects, and controls are only a bonus to everything else that makes up a quality racing title. For a first attempt on new hardware I have to commend EA for a job well done.

XboxCore - 9.0
Overall, Most Wanted is a great evolution of the Need For Speed franchise. It takes all that was wrong with Underground and almost fixes every problem. While some may feel that the removal of some of the options in the customization is a step backwards I think it is a great way to focus on what the game is about and that's racing. If you are a fan of racing and tuning pick this game up. Review

Gamespot - 8.4 Great
The Good: Mind-blowing full-motion video cutscenes; outrunning the cops is extremely exciting; outstanding sound effects; tones down some of the over-the-top product placement found in the previous nfs games; 360 version looks good in standard resolutions, much better in hd.

The Bad: Racer AI isn't too bright at first, gets wicked smart later on; not enough mind-blowing full-motion video cutscenes; occasional skipping and stuttering from the graphics. Review

1UP - 8.5 Superlative
Most Wanted is yet another thoroughly competent addition to the franchise. The nod back to the cop chase mechanics of the Hot Pursuit games is certainly welcome, plus it's interesting to see that the vaunted "open" gameplay of the last two games has been dialed down by a more forcibly linear structure to keep things interesting. As ever the presentation is top-notch, but I think we could all happily live without the bad story and trashy cut-scenes. Review

GamePro - 4.5/5
If you're one of the lucky few who picked up an Xbox 360, steer toward Need for Speed Most Wanted immediately. You'll be rewarded with an addictive adrenaline rush that is not unlike...well, eluding those pesky police in real life. Review

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