Microsoft Refusing To Replace Game Discs Scratched by the 360?

GameShout reports that gamers are saying the 360 is scratching game disks which basically makes them worthless. The problem is, Microsoft won't replace the disk, but will repair the console. They offer a free copy of Perfect Dark Zero as a replacement, but that does no good if you already have or don't want that game.

I have read where some 360 owners moved the 360 from the horizontal position to the vertical position while a game was spinning inside. That caused the game to get scratched - well duh!

I'm not sure if that's the only way a game could get scratched or if there is another problem with the console. I'll be looking for more info on this.

In the meantime, keep your 360 in the horizontal position and don't move it while games are inside. That's the best thing to do to prevent possible scratching of the disk.


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  1. aaron gale says:

    the xbox has burnt 4 halo ring’s on 7 of my game the laser has been turned up so that why
    my game have halo ring on the game disc how do i get these game repaced

  2. dave says:

    already toasted gta4 and codwaw

  3. Shawn Conner says:

    Why won’t microsoft replace the discs, I mean its their fault for makeing the 360 the way it is! If they don’t replace the game disks then they are going to lose a lot of their fans!!!

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