Best Buy to Offer More 360s Dec. 16-18?

best buy to stock up on xbox 360in december
Here's a scan of a reported corporate memo that the next Xbox 360 shipments for Best Buy will be December 16 to Dec. 18.

The stores are to have 20 minimum of the Pro systems on the 18th. Whether they'll be selling some on the 16 and 17 is not stated for sure.

At least there will be more available soon, but it looks doubtful that there will be enough for all.

Full scanned document
Via Joystiq

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  1. […] According to this document we just talked about here, the next shipment to Best Buy will not include the remote offer. […]

  2. […] If you are searching for an Xbox 360, hang tough and hold out! Don’t pay these prices. More stock is coming, and prices seem to have been falling on ebay. Best Buy will have some on sale Dec 18th for sure. […]

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