Xbox 360 UK Launch – Gamers Already Angry

gamers wait in line for the xbox 360 uk launchAs gamers grow increasingly frustrated in the US, as most have not been able to find an Xbox 360 in stock, our fellow UK brethren are already feeling the squeeze.

The Xbox 360 will get its official midnight launch at video game retailer Game's flagship store in London's Oxford Street.

A Game spokesperson said some 200 fans were expected to queue up in advance, though only those who placed pre-orders would be allowed in.

Sound familiar?

Queues have been forming at Tesco and Asda stores which are getting a number of 360s, though not enough to meet predicted demand.

Yep, 300,000 just ain't gonna cut it over there, either.

Gamers who pre-ordered the 360 as early as this summer and even a few in late Spring are still empty handed.

As one gamer accurately put it:
"You can't be a market leader if you have no products to sell to customers!"

Allright Microsoft, where's the product?

BBC - Fans angry over Xbox 360 stocks

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