Xbox 360 Core or Premium?

xbox 360 console premium or core

So you know you want a 360, but which package do you want?

I broke down the specific differences of Core vs. Premium earlier.

Basically, you want the Premium. The Core system has a wired controller, and no extras.

Of course, you can get the Core system now for $299, and add the accessories as you can afford. However, buying them up front in the Premium package will save you over $100.

To be happy with the Core system alone, you'll need to:
Not want to play any original xbox games. (HD required)
Not want to connect to Xbox Live (HD or memory unit required, plus a headset)
Not have a problem with a wired controller. (ok, so we're already used to that)
Not want game saves. (HD or memory unit required)
Not want to connect to an HDTV via component. (Cables required)

So basically, the Core system sucks, to put it bluntly. Why did they even produce it? To hit that consumer-driven price level of 300 bucks. If you get something to that price point or lower, it will sell. So, they offer this base system to people who don't know better, or don't care for the extras. (I think that would just be due to ignorance, but I've been wrong before. Once.)

Go for the Premium rig!

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  1. jetaholic says:

    Holy crap! The core system sux that bad?? wow. i feel sorry for any sucker who bought a core. I am getting an Xbox 360 today. YES!!! screw the PS3. and forget about the revolution nintendo has gone downhill ever since side scrolling mario. (gotta love mario on the snes!!) But no game saves??? thats crazy. i could imagine going home and plugging in some awesome game and playing for 3 hours then trying to save but thing comes on screen, “HA HA You cant save your game cuz you dont have a memory unit you idiot!! LMAO!!” Thanks for clearing up the whole core vs premium thing. I am off to get my 360!! PARTY!!!!!!!!

  2. ........... says:

    and ps3 izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz waaaayyyyyyyyy beter than 360

  3. Martin Hosking says:

    Well, considering I just got a Xbox 360 free with my new contract phone I think I ain’t really done to badly… A free legit Xbox 360 (ok its core, but its free!)

    Cant go too wrong.

  4. Steel says:

    Also, it needs mentioning that the Xbox 360 uses the hard drive for caching. This means that a core system with a memory stick (and no HD) will suffer in the performance area as opposed to a system *with* a HD (core or premium).

    This is not something I have tested my self, I read it in another forum (lost the link).


  5. .,.,.,.,.,., says:

    it doesnt metter wich one you buy you can just go buy th HD and everything else its the same amount of money.

  6. AKsjoiu says:

    just buy the core and get a hard rive on ebay for like 30 bucks. get a deal on a wirless controller and component cables as well.

  7. Hasnat says:

    you can always upgrade your core console to premium, just buy a HDD and a wireless controller later.

  8. oliver says:

    i bought the 360 core 2 days ago at walmart cuz they were out of the premium and elites, and it completely sucks. i couldn’t believe i couldn’t do xbox live or save anything. also it sounds like a jet turbine engine- even though microsoft started putting the faster and quieter BenQ drives in since last year my core still had the old crappy hitachi. thanks god walmart gave me my money back i just returned it.

  9. bob says:

    Dude the core is way better. Here in AUS the core is $399 while the premium is $539. I would get the 120gb hard drive neway so the 20gb is a waste, I don’t need the cables provided, i need a VGA cable so again waste of money, oh and the wired controller costs like 60 bucks with a battery aswell. If i paid $539 for the premium, get a 120gb HDD +$180, get a vga cable +$30, a battery pack for the controller +$50 that = $799.
    OR go the CORE for $399, + 180 for harddrive, 30 for vga cable, wireless controller + battery pack = $689. Lol a saving of $110. Its up to what you want people. Work it out yourselves!

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