UK Gamers Get Greased Up for Xbox 360 Launch Shortages

xbox shortage peter moore

The UK launch officially kicks off tonight at midnight. (Midnight over there, that is.)

It looks like Microsoft is softening up the blow for a shortage similar to what we experienced on this side of the planet.

Joystiq writes:
"Xbox VP Peter Moore has told the Official UK Xbox Magazine that there will likely be a shortage of Xbox 360s for tomorrow?s European launch due to the overwhelming demand for the new console. With an estimated availability of only 300,000 initial units for our transatlantic friends, this is hardly surprising."

Funny how it's always about the seemingly unexpected demand causing the shortage. Like MS couldn't know 300,000 wouldn't be enough? Gimme a break. It's because they don't have stock ready, not due to some unforeseen demand.

Moore: 360 shortages for European launch

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