Consumers Wronged by Best Buy Xbox 360 Bundles

Best Buy

Some Best Buy store managers forced shoppers to buy Xbox 360s bundled with games.

"Best Buy would not sell them for the advertised price, but only with a bundle that just about doubled the cost. Games, controllers, cables, and other high margin knick-knacks so if you didn't pay $800 you couldn't get an Xbox 360."

However, it sounds like they'll make good to the wronged consumers:
"A Best Buy representative said: "We are aware of instances where Best Buy employee action was inconsistent with company guidelines for promotional activities surrounding the sale of Xbox 360. We will accept returns or exchanges for any unwanted Xbox 360-related purchases. In addition, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure this situation will not occur with future Xbox 360 promotions. We extend our sincere apologies to our customers."

So if you were forced into buying stuff you didn't want in order to purchase your 360, take the bundled items back for a refund.

Best Buy manager told stores to limit Xbox 360 sales to bundles
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