Burnout Revenge Is Coming!

burnout revenge
Awright! The awesome crash racing fest that burnout has become is due out on the 360 in March. That's quite a wait, but sounds like it'll be worth it:

"We're making the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge. We wanted to make this the showcase version of the game, so not only will it give you the visuals that you expect from a 360 game, we've really concentrated on adding new features such as Live Revenge and Save and Share."

"We have a host of cool new effects going in to the game. The shader technology that we have to give us scratches and crumples are added to new physical deformation technology. The cars look even better than ever, and when they crash it looks and sounds amazing. For sense of speed, we've also spent considerable engineering effort to get a brand new motion blur effect. With the horsepower that the 360 gives us we can now do a real per-pixel vector motion blur, it makes even the entry-level cars feel faster than ever."

Looks like another Burnout series winner.

Full story at IGN
Via 360 Insider

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