Xbox 360s In Stock This Weekend

usa today article xbox 360s ship this week

I found an article on USA Today about Xbox 360s being shipped to retail this week, in time for purchase this weekend.

"Microsoft's Molly O'Donnell says the company has "a weekly replenishment strategy." The first follow-up shipment "is on the way, and it should be on retailers' shelves by the end of the week or for the weekend."

The question is, just how many are they shipping? A few per retailer ain't gonna cut it. Just as many gamers got their hopes up on Black Friday, we should take this info at face value - no real details on quantity.

Still, if a few thousand more 360 hopefuls get their hands on some next-gen gaming goodnesss this weekend, that's a good thing. - Xbox does second round of 360s

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