Perfect Dark Zero Reviews

PDZ is one of the most popular launch titles for the 360.

Here is a review roundup.

GameSpy - 4/5 Great!
Pros - Exceptional visuals; great weapons; cool co-op play; decent multiplayer; very good presentation.
Cons - Story is weak; some minor technical issues; voice acting is poor; everything tends to look too shiny.

GameZone - 9.0
What people want to know is Perfect Dark Zero this generation's Halo? Sadly, the answer to that question is no. That does not mean that the game is bad by any means, this just means that the game has room for improvement. Don?t let that statement distract you as you will have a blast playing Perfect Dark Zero. Review

Yahoo Games - 4/5
Perfect Dark Zero isn't the Halo-killer it was hyped up to be, but it does offer some of the most compelling multiplayer modes out there. Don't buy it hoping for a wonderful solo experience: Buy it because you want to spend hours fragging your buds on Xbox Live or working through a uniquely implemented cooperative campaign. It ain't perfect, but it's sure to please. Review

1UP - 9.0
But as much as you want to openly embrace PDZ for all its charms, it's impossible to suppress a surge of disappointment for all the seemingly obvious missteps that could have been fixed before the game landed in retail. A lackluster story, unlikable characters, frustrating level designs, lack of more mid-mission checkpoints, all stick out like sore thumbs in an otherwise superlative package. And we, like lovers scorned, are only bitter because we care. Review

TeamXbox - 8.8
So is Perfect Dark Zero what Halo was for the Xbox? Nope. That shouldn?t discourage Xbox 360 owners from picking up a copy on day one, however, simply because it is still one of the best shooters on the console ? especially in the multiplayer arena. The Mission mode is on the short side of the stick, but thanks to co-op play and a myriad of multiplayer options (online and off), PDZ can be mentioned in the same breath as Rare?s previous batch of stellar shooters. We look forward to plenty of playtime with Ms. Dark, and so should you. Review

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