Xbox 360s for Black Friday?

So, the launch has come and gone. Die-hard Xbox fans waited out in the cold rain for hours to snag a new console. Many left empty-handed. Stores sold out in minutes, shelves are empty. No Xbox 360s can be found, unless you're willing to part with your left arm on ebay.

Rumors are flying all over the internet that this is just a marketing ploy by Microsoft, and that we should expect a number of units on shelves for Black Friday.

If this maniac were Microsoft, I would definitely work the buzz as much as possible. By having a launch shortage, they have created quite the buzz. Many caring parents are now worried if they will even be able to get one for little Johnny for Xmas. Gamers are chomping at the bit. Everybody's heard about the new console. The consuming public pump is primed and ready for the 360 faucet to soak the increasing demand.

Enter Black Friday - Microsoft makes sure all major retailers have a significant number of consoles for sale. Shoppers snap them up in the post-turkeyday frenzy.

So, is the shortage a real manufacturing deficit, or simply staged for hype and free marketing?

Tomorrow we will know...

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