Xbox 360 Goes Live – Core and Premium Packages Hit Retail

xbox 360 consoleThe Xbox 360 went on sale throughout the U.S. yesterday. The "Core" system for US$299 and "Xbox 360 Premium" for $399. There is quite a bit of difference in the two packages.

Here are what the kits contain:

Xbox 360 Core ($299 model)
- Xbox 360 console
- Xbox 360 wired controller
- Composite A/V cable

Xbox 360 Premium ($399 model)
- Xbox 360 console
- Xbox 360 wireless controller
- Hard drive
- Component HD AV cable
- Xbox Live Headset
- Ethernet cable

Most retailers sold out in minutes, as many gamers waited in line before retailers opened, to get their gaming fix. Some peeps waited as long as 3 days in line! That's maniacal! Love it...

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