Difference Between Xbox 360 Core and Xbox 360 “Preimum”

The Xbox 360 is available in two flavors, regular and lite. The Maniac sez, get a "Premium" 360 with all the goodies. You'll be glad you did.

The Xbox 360 "Premium"
Xbox 360 Premium
The main Xbox kit, is really just "Xbox 360." It has gained the "premium" name by the public, in order to easily tell the difference.

It also comes in a white box, easy to spot for all 360 maniacs. This is the one you want to see Santa bringing down the chimney.

The Xbox 360 sells for $399.00 and includes the following:

Detachable hard drive (20 GB)
2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
Xbox-Live Headset
Component HD-AV cable
Xbox Live Silver membership
One month limited trial membership for Xbox Live Gold
Ethernet cable
Media Remote

The Xbox 360 Core System
Xbox 360 Core System

The core system is just what the name says, the basic core console. This unit comes in the green box.

The Core System sells for $299 and includes:
Wired Controller with 9ft break-away cable
Standard AV cable
Xbox Live Silver membership
One month limited trial membership for Xbox Live Gold

That's it!

So, if you get the green box (core system), you get no wireless on the controller, no hard drive, no xbox live headset, no ethernet cable and no media remote.

The biggest difference here, is the hard drive. Why? Cuz you need it or a memory unit to save games. The main reason though, is you need it to play your old original xbox games in their new widescreen High Definition glory.

Not worried about old games? Couldn't care less about wireless controllers? Don't have an hdtv? Not worried about save games? (huh?) You won't be playing xbox live? The core system might be for you, but if you answered no to all of these questions, why have a 360 in the first place?

The harddrive alone sells for $100. Why not pony it up to start with, and get the rest for no additional bucks?

Go for the white box, you'll be better off.

To see the differences between the Pro Vs. the Elite 360s, click here.

Here are a few listings at ebay to find one of these cheap:

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  1. roy says:

    can u use any usb memory on the xbox360 or do u need 360 unit

  2. bob says:

    are the graphics on the core the same as a premium? and can u play xbox live on the core? are wireless contorllers important?

  3. omarfw says:

    haha suckers. when you gonna learn to wait until you buy a console and not just snatch it up when it comes out. That’s one of the stupidest moves you can make.

    You gotta wait till they kink out all the bugs and stuff that can potentially break your 360. Not to mention they released the elite and all you noobs were all “aw man I wish i had spent my saved up dough on that instead, damn should’ve waited”.

    Also Rainbow six: vegas totally tromps GoW especially in multiplayer co-op, I highly recommend it.

  4. zaki says:

    does the xbox 360 heat up and whats the red ring of death

  5. baconbit says:

    if i want to just play live what should i do?

  6. Sam says:

    Hi Maniac,
    Actually my approach is different. I already own a Premium HDMI 360. But its of NTSC-J region and my country region is PAL (India). So I am planning to buy one core 360, as I can reuse the existing hdd, component hd cable on the core system. Although I am not yet sure whether the core will contain and HDMI port or not. I know that the core one comes with a wired controller but I am not sure whether it supports wireless controllers or not (so that I can reuse my existing ones). I’ll check on all these. But as on the MS site (for India) it looks like the core supports wireless controllers (& headphones) (scroll down to see the comparision). what comes in the box is not the issue as I already have all the accessories.

  7. Anonymous says:

    New core models have HDMI. They also now come with and support wireless controllers.

  8. Sam says:

    Well thats great… Then I’ll definitely go for the core… I’ll be able to use my existing accessories then…

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