Cheap Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox 360 Elite CheapThe Xbox 360 Elite is the latest model in Microsoft's line of consoles. This unit is the mack-daddy, all the bells and whistles, no-holds-barred whole enchilada of Xbox gaming!

If you want the best of the best, with no compromises, and you do a lot of gaming, the Elite model is for you. These units come with the larger 120 GB hard drives, wireless controller, HD cables, online gaming headset with mic, and the unit comes molded in black. HDMI output is included with every Elite console.

There are a couple of game-themed Elite consoles available, such as the Modern Warfare 2 edition, and the Forza Motorsport 3 edition. These machines are limited edition runs, and are much more difficult to come by. They essentially are the same, less packed-in games and cosmetic theming on the console and controller.

If you're more interested in the more mainstream console that has what most gamers need, check out the Pro Premium Model.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Console Only

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Console Only

Price: $100.00
Time Left: 5h 35m

If you strive for the best product possible, the Elite console is the choice for you. These units are the only ones you can get molded in different colors, have the largest hard drives, and come with the most accessories.

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